Smart Koder Gaming Courses

All of these gaming courses are included absolutely free with Smart Koder.

Step #1- Sign up for a Smart Kiddo account.

Step #2- Log in to the Online Smart Koder Game Designer.

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Create Your First Maze- basics of drawing a maze in the Smart Koder Game Designer.

Customize Your Maze- how to use images for walls, add elements & a goal.

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Blockly Tutorial 1 - Beginner level, select an avatar, teach it to run and run faster than a monster!

Blockly Tutorial 2- Beginner level, create a variable, such as variable runspeed.

Blockly Tutorial 3- Beginner level, create "if this, then do this" actions.

Blockly Tutorial 4 - Intermediate level. Create a list and teach that list to perform actions together.

Blockly Tic Tac Toe- Intermediate level, create your own tic tac toe game. 

Create a VR Panoramic Game- Use 360 degree images in your game.

Java Script Tutorial 1 - Advanced level. Use real Java Script to select an avatar, and teach it to run.

Java Script Tutorial 2 - Advanced level. Use Java Script to create a variable.

Java Script Tutorial 3 - Advanced level. Use Java Script to set "if A, then B" actions.

Java Script Tutorial 4 - Advanced level. Use Java Script to create a list and set actions

GeoGebra Shapes- Advanced level. Add created 3D shapes to customize your game.