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Why should primary & secondary students learn to code?

Information technology is one of the foundations of our modern civilization. It has become an essential part of our daily lives, an epic trend in our society, and the future lies in the hands of the next generation who can adapt to this trend. In 2014, President Obama of the United States also encouraged teenagers to program their smartphones instead of simply playing on them. Thus, the ability to code / program has become an essential skill for primary and secondary students. Learning to code also gives students lifetime benefits; not only can their logical thinking and problem solving abilities be nurtured, but their creativity can also be stimulated!

Why choosing Smart Kiddo Education's Smart Robot Coding Courses?

All our courses are carefully designed according to HKSAR Education Bureau's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) guidelines, as well as STEM standards of the United States. For students without programming experience to grasp the concepts easily, we developed our own educational app "Kiddo Code," which integrates Google's state-of-the-art visual programming language library Blockly with iPad and PC for users to control smart robots. In our lessons, students can use the app on iPad to build programs with colorful drag-and-drop command blocks, and then control smart robots to complete fun missions while acquiring STEM knowledge in the fields of robotics, physics and artificial intelligence (A.I.)!


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