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Blended learning with excitement at The Ecole du Soleil Summer Program

In a summer filled with exploration and innovation, Smart Kiddo USA's Rover 2 Explorer made a splash at the Ecole du Soleil summer program hosted by the International School of LA. As advocates for empowering children through coding and robotics, we were thrilled to be part of the "Future Themes Week" at camp.

  1. Elevating "Future Themes Week”

The Smart Kiddo Rover 2 Explorer proved to be an exceptional addition to the camp's "Future Themes Week." Our robotics kit brought the future to life for the young minds at Ecole du Soleil, providing an immersive experience that blended learning with excitement.

  1. Seamless Implementation with "Plug and Play" Curriculum

Ease of integration is key, and our plug-and-play curriculum made it a breeze for the camp's in-house counselors and CITs to facilitate the program. With a simple scan of QR codes the day before, instructors were ready to guide students through five days of building, programming, and creating games with their robots.

  1. Bilingualism in Action

Staying true to the school's mission of bilingualism, the Smart Kiddo USA program was seamlessly taught entirely in French. Leveraging the French-speaking abilities of the camp counselors further enhanced the learning experience, creating an inclusive environment for all participants.

  1. Parental Delight in Quality Education

Parents were delighted to see their children engaged in a high-quality robotics program, included in the cost of camp. The educational value provided by the Smart Kiddo Rover 2 Explorer left parents satisfied, knowing that their children were not only having fun but also gaining valuable STEM skills.

  1. School Administration's Satisfaction with Easy Integration

The school administration at the International School of LA was equally pleased with the introduction of robotics and STEM education. The simplicity of integrating the Smart Kiddo USA program into the existing curriculum showcased a commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences without unnecessary complications.

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Smart Kiddo USA is proud to be a catalyst for curiosity and learning, and we look forward to inspiring more young minds through the exciting world of robotics and STEM. Unleash the potential of tomorrow's leaders with Smart Kiddo USA - where creativity meets technology.