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Bring innovation and excitement to your school or camp with Smart Kiddo USA's robotics programs. We offer a fresh and engaging approach to introducing children to the world of robotics and coding. Our classes and workshops are not only educational but also a ton of fun!

Robo Coder Screen shot blocks

At Smart Kiddo USA, we are currently working with after-school clubs, seasonal camps, and even individual robotics clubs. Our dedicated team showcase our impressive Rover2Robot, demonstrating how to code and fully control the robot using our user-friendly App. We also attend tech and science fairs where we offer the opportunity to demonstrate our robot and how it works. Ask us about bringing fun-learning and robotics to birthday parties or your next special event!

Add an exciting new dimension to your camp

Our Rovers are a perfect fit for any school event, workshop, or even a 15-week-long after-school enrichment program! Watch as kids build, program, and play with these high-tech Rovers, adding an exciting dimension to their camp or school activities. The best part? Our Rovers are designed for easy assembly, making them suitable for group activities led by teachers or counselors, even without prior robotics experience. Simply scan the QR code and follow the step-by-step video instructions!

In person or remote - it's up to you

We now offer the option of providing our instructors onsite for your classes ! Alternatively, we also offer remote teaching through video calls, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Get started today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enrich your students' educational journey with cutting-edge robotics and coding. Contact Smart Kiddo USA today to bring the wonders of robotics to your school or camp.