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Coding Education With Smart Kiddo

All our coding activities are carefully designed according to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) standards. For students without programming experience to grasp the concepts easily, we developed our own educational apps, which integrate Google's state-of-the-art visual programming language library "Blockly" with tablets for users to control smart robots. In our lessons, students can use the app on iPad or Android to build programs with colorful drag-and-drop command blocks, and then control smart robots to complete fun missions while acquiring STEM knowledge in the fields of robotics, cause and effect! We offer S.T.E.M based coding and robotic courses using Google’s “Blockly” up to more advanced course work with Python and Javascript. All courses emphasize logical reasoning based on world class standards. Experience and share with friends immediate, visual results.

Learning to Code gives A LIFETIME OF BENEFITS.


1. Create a SmartKiddo Account, its FREE and gives access to both the game coding and robotics coding platforms.

2. Will you start with gaming or robotics? The gaming designer is free, and requires an app download on a tablet to test/play the games. Robotics courses require the purchase of a DIY Robot Kit (Explorer 2 Rover) and download of the control app on a tablet (as well as 2.5gHz Wifi network).

3. Once logged in to one of the coding platforms, students will go through the hands-on tutorials. Reading ability will be required, but there are many screenshots and diagrams in the tutorials.