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Smart Koder Design Platform is a free, online coding space to teach you to create your original games.

Smart Koder App for mobile/tablet is where you play your self-coded games & QR scannable games. Free.

Check out The Nestomir young adult novel. A story that teaches coding!

"Thought this would be really hard and I wouldn’t understand how to code.  We don’t learn coding in my school, so a friend and I built it together. Now, we race each other’s robots."  

- Anthony, age 12

Information For Parents

Coding Education With Smart Kiddo

All our coding activities are carefully designed according to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) standards. For students without programming experience to grasp the concepts easily, we developed our own educational apps, which integrate Google's state-of-the-art visual programming language library "Blockly" with tablets for users to control smart robots. In our lessons, students can use the app on iPad or Android to build programs with colorful drag-and-drop command blocks, and then control smart robots to complete fun missions while acquiring STEM knowledge in the fields of robotics, cause and effect! We offer S.T.E.M based coding and robotic courses using Google’s “Blockly” up to more advanced course work with Python and Javascript. All courses emphasize logical reasoning based on world class standards. Experience and share with friends immediate, visual results.

Learning to Code gives A LIFETIME OF BENEFITS.


1. Create a SmartKiddo Account, its FREE and gives access to both the game coding and robotics coding platforms.

2. Will you start with gaming or robotics? The gaming designer is free, and requires an app download on a tablet to test/play the games. Robotics courses require the purchase of a DIY Robot Kit (Explorer 2 Rover) and download of the control app on a tablet (as well as 2.5gHz Wifi network).

3. Once logged in to one of the coding platforms, students will go through the hands-on tutorials. Reading ability will be required, but there are many screenshots and diagrams in the tutorials.

Smart Kiddo is proud to be COPPA compliant- NO in-app purchasing, NO in-app advertising, NO in-app external links and NO in-app messaging - for worry free app use for all ages! 


COPPA COMPLIANT-  At Smart Kiddo we believe imagination and creativity are limitless and we want the community to share their creations! For this reason, we give students the option to make their games & mazes "public". Links to the games can be submitted to our Koder Kommunity forum, which is moderated for safety, security and sensitivity.

We will never request a student's name, age, location, contact information, photo or personal identifying information. The apps do not contain any direct chat or messaging avenues of any kind.

Smart Kiddo USA Safety Information:

  • Smart Kiddo wants your children to have fun building their robot and to safely use our website, Koder Kommunity Forum and apps. Our website and all data that is received is secured, encoded and stored on local servers in the United States.
  • Coding lessons have been developed from years of teaching robotics in some of the best schools and universities. Coding activities are designed, not only to develop student's S.T.E.M. & coding skills, but always with safety and security in mind.
  • 90% of our robots parts are made and assembled in the USA. We print all of the plastic housing parts using 3D printers in the United States.
  • Cyber-bulling- We have a zero tolerance for cyber-bulling and for the publishing of any inappropriate material on our website, social feed media sites and forums. 
  • We appreciate input and contributions to our website and Forum from our community, fans and fellow coders! Wiz kids and coding gurus alike, that have built SK robots & games and want to help others are invited to post and share. All content is moderated.
We will suspend the accounts of any one who is bullying on our site or digital properties.