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Robo Coder App

Learn, Program, Play- Robo Coder controls Your Explorer 2 Rover. 

Robo Coder is the companion app for SmartKiddo USA Robots. Dive into the world of robotics with this visual programming tool. Robo Coder connects with Explorer 2 Rover and includes the tutorials for engineering education. Use Robo Coder on tablet to write programs using drag-and-drop style coding based on Google's Blockly. Run programs on your mobile device using this app.

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All Robotics Coding Levels are included with Explorer 2 Rover on the Robo Coder App. 

MISSION: Explorer 2 Basics

Basic Coding- code your Rover Control Pad to start and stop the basic movements of your Rover.  

MISSON: Explorer 2 Go Maze

  • Basic Movement- Have fun customizing the movements of your Explorer 2 Rover. Control speeds, turning angles and more. Create new movements not found in the standard Controller. Useful for navigating mazes.
  • Screen Operation- Send text messages to your screen, customize the Rover’s name, create new screen images and animations.
  • Aruco Markers- Explore the capabilities of the Explorer 2 Rover’s camera, adjust the video, set video resolution, turn on flash light, and learn about Aruco markers to trigger actions from the Rover.
  • Color Recognition- Teach the Rover to recognize colors and color tuning, to help with auto-piloting.
  • Image Recognition- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and image recognition.

The school administration at the International School of LA was equally pleased with the introduction of robotics and STEM education. The simplicity of integrating the Smart Kiddo USA program into the existing curriculum showcased a commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences without unnecessary complications.

At Smart Kiddo USA, we firmly believe that robotics is the future, and we offer the perfect stepping stone to introduce children to this exciting world of possibilities through our Rover 2 Explorer.
In a world where technology is ever-present, coding empowers boys and girls, to become independent people with boundless potential. At Smart Kiddo USA, we believe in providing the perfect platform for kids from an early age to explore the world of robotics and coding through our Rover 2 Explorer.