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Smart Koder Design Platform is a free, online coding space to teach you to create your original games.

Smart Koder App for mobile/tablet is where you play your self-coded games & QR scannable games. Free.

Check out The Nestomir young adult novel. A story that teaches coding!

"Thought this would be really hard and I wouldn’t understand how to code.  We don’t learn coding in my school, so a friend and I built it together. Now, we race each other’s robots."  

- Anthony, age 12

Build Your Own Robot while learning how to code
Build Your Own Robot while learning how to code

Enter the World of Robotics

Explorer 2 Rover is the latest in 3D printing, Arduino, block-based programming, color camera & OLED display comes to life as you code.

All Ages

If you can read, you can code! Our drag & drop coding blocks and follow-along tutorials make programming easy.

Customize It

You have the tools to shape your digital world! The limit is your mastery of the programming.

Mobile Friendly

Code & play from your Android or Apple tablet. Run pre-coded programs on a mobile phone.

One Account

Your SmartKiddo account gives you free access to both Robo Koder Robotics, and Smart Koder Game Programing Apps.

A New Era of DIY Coding Technology is Here.

Code your world, bring it to life.

Learn S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) coding & programming by designing your own rover robot or online game.

Tell Me More About Smart Kiddo USA:

It is quick and easy.

1 Create a Smart Kiddo Account.  This will create your login access to the coding Apps. Here is the link.

2Download the FREE Smart Kiddo Apps:

For Robotics there is Robo Coder. * Requires Explorer 2 Rover

For Game Designing there is Smart Koder.

3 Coding projects must be done on tablet size screen or larger, but you can play your work on any device, even a small mobile phone.

If you can read, you can code!Robo Coder Robotics and Smart Koder Games are for all ages, but strong reading, logic and some math skills are required to get the best out of each coding challenge. Coding success depends on how well you are able to follow the step by step tutorials, take command of the coding tools and think creatively about what you've learned to design something new! The possibilities match your capabilities and GROW WITH YOU!

The Explorer 2 Rover is our latest generation robot. It is a wheeled vehicle that comes with a full color camera capable of image recognition. This recognition triggers A.I. responses such as maze navigation and message animation on the OLED screen.

Build it, code it, bring it to life using simple on-screen tools.  For the price, it is one of the most feature laden and versatile robots on the market.  Learn More

The Robo Coder App is your tool to program and control Explorer 2 Rover Robot and dive in to the world of robotics. Code on tablet, play on tablet or mobile.

The Smart Koder App allows you to play the games and mazes- even virtual reality projects - that you coded at Smart Koder online. Share your custom games with others!

Yes! The Smart Koder Game Designer Platform and companion game play app are completely free! Create & customize your own games with your Smart Kiddo account-free. In the future, we may offer in-app upgrades or advanced tutorials, but for now, completely free.

YES! -We are doing everything we can to keep kids safe!

- NO advertisements anywhere!

- NO solicitation of personal info

- NO email required to set up an account(YOU DON’T HAVE to give an email; just make up any user name)

- NO commentary within app and/or YouTube channel

Read more about Our Safety Measures Here.

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Ask the Koder Kommunity & our team of experts. Find answers & guides in our forum. Check out & join in Koder Kommunity coding challenges to win prizes!