Robotics Coding Courses

All Robotics Coding Levels are included with Explorer 2 Rover on the Robo Coder App. 

MISSION: Explorer 2 Basics

Basic Coding- code your Rover Control Pad to start and stop the basic movements of your Rover.  

MISSON: Explorer 2 Go Maze

Basic Movement- Have fun customizing the movements of your Explorer 2 Rover. Control speeds, turning angles and more. Create new movements not found in the standard Controller. Useful for navigating mazes.

Screen Operation- Send text messages to your screen, customize the Rover’s name, create new screen images and animations.

Aruco Markers- Explore the capabilities of the Explorer 2 Rover’s camera, adjust the video, set video resolution, turn on flash light, and learn about Aruco markers to trigger actions from the Rover.

Color Recognition- Teach the Rover to recognize colors and color tuning, to help with auto-piloting.

Image Recognition- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and image recognition.