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Founder's Letter

Our mission at Smart Kiddo is to mix fun with education for anybody who wants to understand more about robotics and how code is written. We have been teaching these skills and S.T.E.M. related courses to boys and girls in schools and universities for a long time. Along the way, we have developed a wide range of interesting coding courses or ‘missions’ as we like to call them. Our robots use onboard, state of the art technology, connected to government compliant, secure cloud platforms, to provide creative and interesting features to keep you entertained. The new ‘Explorer2Rover’ comes with a high-quality color camera, OLED screen and powerful onboard chips that combined with WiFi capability allows a wide range of exciting capabilities. The 4 wheeled rover is able to work indoors and out from your tablet or mobile phone.
The coding missions, accessed through the free companion App ‘Robo Coder’, start by giving a very basic insight into how coding is constructed using simple to use, well established tools like ‘Blockly’ and ‘Scratch’. From there the various coding missions will introduce you to the basics of image and color recognition, ArUco markers that give robots simple instructions for maze navigation, all the way up to the basics of Machine learning and AI. All whilst using your powerful rover robot to do fun things.
But we are not just about Robots and coding ‘Missions’. Our online ‘Koder Kommunity’ is about allowing children and adults to share their coding creations and ideas with others.We are very conscious of the potential problems that goes along with online communities and enforce a strict cyber policy. We havea zero-tolerance rule against cyber bulling, intimidation or acts of threatening nature of any kind. Our aim is to have a fun, creative environment where children, parents and adults feel comfortable and safe.
We use 3D printers in the U.S. to produce the housing and framework for our robots, some we print internally on our own printers. We are always striving to innovate, improve products and welcome ideas and comments from our users and online coding community.
We will continue to upgrade our ‘Missions’ and launch new robots. Our robots are designed so that different pieces can be exchanged for different colors and future styles. We also encourage our customers to customize their robot further with additional add on pieces. We have lots of fun ideas coming to the market soon including 4 wheel AI- IOT drive units with Mecanum wheels; allowing the robot to move in any direction. We hope that our community will start to generate new ideas of its own that can be developed and shared.
Lastly, we would like to say a few words about us and what we believe in.
We are a small company based in Los Angeles, California and we are proud to be an American company. The founders, partners and friends who make us possible, come from various technology and creative career backgrounds from different parts of the world. We don’t pretend to be a big technology corporation and we certainly will not act like one either. We do this because we enjoy doing it and we believe that companies can and should exist within the bounds of good morals, ethics and governance. We will always try to act like any small business should which is to take individual care of and respect its customers. We live in an incredible age where technology can allow us to communicate and explore like never before. Virtual platforms that stretch around the world where individuals and groups can work, play, communicate and cooperative are already here. We are optimists that the world can be a better place and the children of tomorrow will be exploring areas of science, technology and even space like we cannot image. Coding, robotics, virtual reality, AI, Machine Learning, all of these things will be in common use. We believe that the future of progress is through collaboration and sharing which is why we put so much emphasis on it in our products, forums and courses. If we can help children and anybody else who is interested prepare for that future and show that in fact learning and creativity can be fun, then maybe we have done our little bit.

Yours Sincerely, 

The Founders of Smart Kiddo International Inc.

Master Minds

Andrew is a cutting edge technology and business development expert and has launched revolutionary technology  and new products worldwide.  A senior sales and marketing executive with global experience in Technology Business Development, Marketing and both I.P. and Content licensing. Andrew has lived, worked and set up business in the U.K. Germany, France and the U.S. in a variety of areas from Entertainment Technology, Consumer Electronics, GPS Location Based Services and Content Streaming.  Launched TVGuide Plus, Clearplay, Fall Prevention Monitors, etc Extensive background and experience in all aspects of IP management, licensing, new business development and content streaming management. 

- Created & established brand business for launching new products and opening new markets. 

- - Senior management positions at major multinational companies like Technicolor and Tivo.

- - - Board Member -U.S. public technology company GTX Corp. 

Wing was the Chief Technology Officer at Gemstar (now TiVo) and was instrumental in developing and deploying the VCRPlus+ and TV Guide technology. More than 30 years in High-Tech Research and Development. Since 1999, Wing has been the president of CNLink Networks, Inc, specializing in providing IT infrastructure services for foreign enterprises in China. He is also the CEO of CDN Limited, a Hong Kong based IT service company providing content distribution acceleration in China and abroad.  

Erwin was in charge of VCRPlus+ and TV Guide technology in Asia. For the last 6 years, he has been teaching coding and robotic courses at the top schools in Hong Kong as well as Virtual Reality, Machine learning and AI at the top Hong Kong Universities. He is widely considered one of the leading experts in AI technology in Hong Kong. 

Erwin is a coding and robotics expert with over 30 years of professional hands-on experience in various technologies: Embedded Systems, Electronics, Robotics, Assembly Language, DSP, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, R, Lua, Blender, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, 3D Game Pipeline, DICOM (Medical), VR, IPTV, Mobile Computing, Ethereum DApp, Web Publishing, ERP, POS, CMS and CRM developments, SDLC management and more.  

Senior executive positions: SVP and CTO in media and technology companies based in Hong Kong, Cyber Media and in the United States, Rovi (now Tivo).

Simon was a senior Vice president at Rovi ( now TiVo) in charge of worldwide licensing and business development before joining Gracenote and Nielsen Sports where he now holds the position of Chief Product Officer.   Senior executive with over 25 years of experience in global digital media with a proven track record of pioneering international and emerging markets: 

- Defined product and licensing strategies,

- Lead international teams to drive consistent net revenue and volume growth. 

- Build, develop and lead teams that deliver strategic thinking with hands-on operational and organizational talents 

- Experience in start-ups and major international organizations in hardware and software space.

 - Offers a unique insight into the intersection and use of technology and media in the consumer home. 

The school administration at the International School of LA was equally pleased with the introduction of robotics and STEM education. The simplicity of integrating the Smart Kiddo USA program into the existing curriculum showcased a commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences without unnecessary complications.

At Smart Kiddo USA, we firmly believe that robotics is the future, and we offer the perfect stepping stone to introduce children to this exciting world of possibilities through our Rover 2 Explorer.
In a world where technology is ever-present, coding empowers boys and girls, to become independent people with boundless potential. At Smart Kiddo USA, we believe in providing the perfect platform for kids from an early age to explore the world of robotics and coding through our Rover 2 Explorer.