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Smart Koder Design Platform is a free, online coding space to teach you to create your original games.

Smart Koder App for mobile/tablet is where you play your self-coded games & QR scannable games. Free.

Check out The Nestomir young adult novel. A story that teaches coding!

"Thought this would be really hard and I wouldn’t understand how to code.  We don’t learn coding in my school, so a friend and I built it together. Now, we race each other’s robots."  

- Anthony, age 12

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Its really fun for learning how to code.

It's really fun, because not only do you build it, but you get to code it to move. Its also like a toy, but it's not a toy, so you get the feeling that you are growing up a bit. I think this is a really good way for people to learn basic coding skills whether they're a beginner or an expert because it has functionality for everyone.

Lots of fun- kids love it

Our son loves learning to code in school, and we wanted to surprise him with a toy that would let him code at home. He loves this toy! He built his robot and plays with it for hours. My husband built him an outside course for his robot. We are now the center for robot races for boys and girls in our neighborhood. Highly recommend it.

Our son loves this robot -plus he's learning coding

Our son always wanted a robot so we tried the Explorer Rover robot so he could build it himself. He built it with the APP which really helped build it and understand coding. He also uses it to give our dog treats which gives them both exercise on these cold winter days. I'd highly recommend it.