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Companies offering services to schools, camps, and organizations are recognizing the value of partnering with Smart Kiddo USA. Here's why:

Build Your Own Robot while learning how to code

Versatile Applications:

Smart Kiddo USA's Rovers can be seamlessly integrated into various educational environments, including schools, camps, and other organizations. They can be utilized for after-school programs, workshops, and even as part of a longer enrichment curriculum. The versatility of our products allows you to tailor the robotics experience to the specific needs and preferences of your clients.

Comprehensive Support:

When partnering with Smart Kiddo USA, you gain access to comprehensive support services. We can provide experienced instructors to lead the robotics sessions if needed. Additionally, our team is available to offer guidance, answer questions, and provide assistance throughout the partnership, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of the robotics program.

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Join the growing number of enrichment companies that have partnered with Smart Kiddo USA to bring the excitement of robotics to their programs. Contact us today to discuss how we can collaborate to enhance your offerings and provide students with engaging and enriching experiences in the world of robotics!