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Build Your Own Robot while learning how to code

Working with us

Companies offering services to schools, camps, and organizations are recognizing the value of partnering with Smart Kiddo USA. Here's why:

S.T.E.M education

Does your school in California qualify to bring Smart Kiddo USA to your school for free with a grant?

Private Instruction

Is your child fascinated by the innovative world of high-tech gadgets and science? Look no further! Smart Kiddo USA offers private robotics lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Schools and Camps

Bring innovation and excitement to your school or camp with Smart Kiddo USA's robotics programs. We offer a fresh and engaging approach to introducing children to the world of robotics and coding. Our classes and workshops are not only educational but also a ton of fun!

The school administration at the International School of LA was equally pleased with the introduction of robotics and STEM education. The simplicity of integrating the Smart Kiddo USA program into the existing curriculum showcased a commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences without unnecessary complications.

At Smart Kiddo USA, we firmly believe that robotics is the future, and we offer the perfect stepping stone to introduce children to this exciting world of possibilities through our Rover 2 Explorer.
In a world where technology is ever-present, coding empowers boys and girls, to become independent people with boundless potential. At Smart Kiddo USA, we believe in providing the perfect platform for kids from an early age to explore the world of robotics and coding through our Rover 2 Explorer.