Explorer 2 Rover- On Demand Colors

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Build and code your Rover Robot. Wireless car connects via WiFi to your home network. (2.4 GHz Wifi Required) Use the Kiddo Code App to program your Rover's control panel and customize it's functions. (Apple iOs, Google Play & PC) Comes with a mounting video camera so you can see what your Rover sees!  Learn to code as you bring your Rover to life.

These Colors Are Special Order- Allow 2 Weeks for Shipping 

 Box Includes: 

  • Rover 3G Printed Chassis
  • Drive Control Box
  • Wifi Enabled Motherboard
  • (2) Wheel Motors
  • OLED Screen
  • Camera

Coding Lessons Included With Purchase:
Explorer 2 Basics
Basic Coding- code your Rover Control Pad to start and stop the basic movements of your Rover.  
Explorer 2 Go Maze
Chapter 1 : Basic Movement- Have fun customizing the movements of your Explorer 2 Rover. Control speeds, turning angles and more. Create new movements not found in the standard Controller. Useful for navigating mazes.

Chapter 2 : Screen Operation- Send text messages to your screen, customize the Rover’s name, create new screen images and animations.

Chapter 3. Aruco Markers- Explore the capabilities of the Explorer 2 Rover’s camera, adjust the video, set video resolution, turn on flash light, and learn about Aruco markers to trigger actions from the Rover.

Chapter 4. Color Recognition- Teach the Rover to recognize colors and color tuning, to help with auto-piloting.

Chapter 5. Image Recognition- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and image recognition.

    Technical Features:

    • Over Air updates via WiFi in client or Access Point modes
    • HSV (Hue-Saturation-Value) tuning supported for color recognition
    • SVM (Support Vector Machine) supported for picture recognition
    • CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) for Machine Learning
    • SRP (Secure Remote Password) for secured WiFi connection.